Landscape illustrations

California dreaming; I was commissioned a short while ago by The Formation Creative Consultants Europe Ltd to do a series of illustrations for ‘Mother’s Market & Kitchen’, a new flagship natural food store in Signal Hill, California. The brief was to produce a series of large landscape illustrations depicting different aspects of the Signal Hill area including it’s historic past and it’s modern organic food production. Being vector based, the illustrations were able to be blown up to the enormous sizes needed for the large billboards and main picture window. I wish I was able to have been over there in the sunshine state for the opening night which apparently went down very well. Job done!


Lidl liqueurs

Late last year I was commissioned to produce some illustrations for a Deluxe range of liqueurs for Lidl. It was one of my favourite jobs to work on last year and I was pleased to buy a few bottles when they appeared on the shelves in Nov. They went down well over the Christmas break!



Part of a range of Illustrations commissioned for 'Tayto' crisps in Ireland. I'm still awaiting the promised samples the client said they'd send!

Touching Base!

I was recently commissioned by Penguin Books in NY to do a series of illustrations for a book about the the history of the Chicago Cubs. Despite being a Brit and not knowing a lot about baseball it turned out to be a very satisfying project to work on.

I was recently commissioned by a U.S. distillery to produce an image of the head of an American Bald Eagle for one of their spirit labels. The distillery is owned and run by ex military and wanted the image to be 'bad-ass' (their words). I didn't want to disappoint them!


Kawaii scraper-board illustrations

Been doing a series of ‘Kawaii’ scraperboard illustrations for a French company. These will be part of a range of Artfoil illustrations for sale in craft shops. Kid’s will hopefully enjoy scraping away at these little cuties. A bit different to the illustrations I usually do but variety is the spice of life!

BBC scraper-board

I was recently commissioned by the BBC (name drop!) to produce an illustration of Broadcasting House, Belfast. The 1930’s building is modelled on the BBC's London HQ and has a distinctive curved façade’. The BBC are very proud of their iconic building and decided to approach me to produce one of my traditional scraper-board illustrations to be used for postcards and corporate gifts for visitors that describe the history of their building and its 21st century work. 

Mary Rose illustrations

The Mary Rose museum in Portsmouth has re-opened today. After many decades in a sealed area within the museum treating the timbers with preserving chemicals as they slowly dried out, the existing ship timbers can now be seen for the first time 'in the raw' without a glass barrier. Very exciting time for those of us who've worked on the project, albeit it in a small way personally, having produced a series of illustrations for the museum.

publishing project

Just completed a long-term project to produce 40 illustrations for 'Holloway, A Little History Of Religion'. An interesting project to work on.

20 minute Trump

Challenged this morning by my Aussie agent to draw a caricature of everyone's favourite comb-over celeb in under 20 mins, here's my quick attempt.

Mary Rose illustrations

Great to be working on more illustrations for the Mary Rose museum in Portsmouth as the museum goes through it's latest re-vamp. A very satisfying project!

New realistic food illustrations

Enjoyed working on these realistic food illustrations recently for The Brand Nursery in Leeds. They were used for chocolate wafer packaging. They even sent me some tasty samples, some of which I used for reference.

Something to crow about!

Why did the chicken cross the road?

To eat at 'La Feria', a great Andalusian restaurant in Harrogate. They needed a new logo to refresh their brand identity. 

New website

Been building my new website. It's been a fun journey actually.